CONvergence Retrospective by Kyle

Last week was the fifth time I traveled to the Doubletree in Bloomington, Minnesota for CONvergence. I consider CONvergence to be a “Choose your our Geekventure” convention, because the experience you have is fully dependent on how you want to experience your con. My first year it was a bit overwhelming with so many options. Now, after a half-decade, I’ve narrowed it down a bit to maximize my fun.

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A First Fearless CONvergence

I’d never been to CONvergence before.

Other cons, sure, but nothing quite like this one. I was used to various cosplay, panels, gaming… But this convention was like all of those things had gone super saiyan and then ALSO added comedy, shows, amazing guests, a ton more people, music, art, a movie theater, a whole other hotel full of things, AND party rooms that transformed into various movies and games. Seriously, I went into a Fallout vault, a pirate ship, a scene from Harry Potter, and a fancy tea room. And they all had booze. Not to mention the Fearless party room, which had a green screen to literally put you into any geeky scene of your wildest imagination.

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Fearless Comedy at the CONvergence Masquerade Halftime Show

We walked into the backstage area. As the tech crew clipped on our microphones one by one, a Diablo was exiting the stage. A Beetlejuice was heading up the ramp to enter. We all had our own way of coping with the energy, taking deep breaths, bouncing, stretching, anything we could do to keep things going but remain respectful and silent.

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