Fearless At CONvergence


Our company members met this week to start planning our room party for CONvergence and it looks like it will be a great party.  Since CONvergence planning is upon us, I’d like to let you know about a few things that Fearless will have a hand in at the convention this year.

First and foremost will be our room party.  We’ll have lots of information about our upcoming shows in the fall and spring, challenges to earn badge ribbons, and of course there will be some drinks available.
In addition to the party, Fearless is writing and producing the Masquerade halftime show on Saturday night.
For those of you unaware, the halftime show covers the break between the presentation of the costumes and the presentation of the awards.  While the judges are conferring, Fearless will present a 30 minute geeky sketch comedy show.
We have a great group of writers and performers lined up for this show.  It should be very funny.  We hope you’ll take the time to either watch the show live or on the hotel television feed.  If things go well, we hope to be part of the Masquerade halftime for a long time!
Many of our partners will be involved with the convention as well including Geeks Without God, Burn & Brew, and Vilification Tennis.
We’ll have a more complete schedule of Fearless events just before the convention but for now, we just wanted you to know that Fearless will be at the convention and we look forward to seeing you there!