Fearless Lab

FearlessLabLogo-lightI know I’m not supposed to have favorites but the Fearless Lab is my favorite Fearless Comedy production right now.

It isn’t always the best show. It doesn’t take the most work. It isn’t the most exotic idea.

But it feels to me like the central purpose of what we are doing with Fearless.

When we started this company, we knew we had a lot of uniquely talented people involved. And we knew that they all needed time on stage to develop themselves as comedians. The question was how to give them that time.

It’s one thing to say we’ll give them the time. It’s another thing to create a show where they can have that time. That’s what the Lab is all about.

The Lab is giving our performers the stage time they need to get better. Our partners at Vilification Tennis will be able to give their new performers more experience at vilification. Experienced performers will have a chance to try stand-up, storytelling, scriptwriting and whatever else they want to do.

They have a stage to try their work.

All they need is an audience.

That’s where you come in.

We need you to come out and watch them perform. Laugh at their jokes. Listen to their stories. Comedy doesn’t get better until you put it on stage in front of an audience.

So be our audience. We made it easy for you. Tickets are pay what you can. If you can afford a dollar, give us a dollar. If you can’t afford anything, just come and laugh.

Give our performers an audience.

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