Fearless Sponsors American Comedy Writer’s Conventions

ComedyI love writing comedy.

That’s a lie.

I love it when I’ve written comedy.  Writing comedy is a pain.  Every joke I put on the page seems unfunny the moment I’ve written it down.  I second guess every word.  Every period.  Every comma.

It is something that every comedy writer has experienced.  As much as we enjoy making people laugh, most of us don’t enjoy that writing process.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

This June, Fearless is proudly sponsoring a comedy writing workshop for people like me (and maybe you).  On June 22nd, we’ll all be getting together to talk about writing comedy.

The list of speakers includes Greta Grosh, Caleb McEwen and Dave Walbridge. And it is growing.

Who is this workshop for?  Comedy writers like me, sure.  But it is also for comedy performers, fans who want a peek behind the curtain and even writers in other genres.

You can learn how to write comedy, yes.  But you can also learn how to market yourself and how to get your work produced.

Even if you just want to come and share the pain we all feel when we are staring at a blank page, that’s OK too!

Keep in mind, a conference can’t teach you everything.  It can help you learn more about our shared experience of trying to make people laugh.  I’m not going to promise that it will make writing comedy any easier.

Because honestly, if you have an easier time writing comedy than I do, that would just make me mad.

Fearless is proudly sponsoring the workshop and that means there are scholarships available if you really want to go but can’t afford the registration rate.  If you’d be interested in a scholarship, e-mail tim@fearlesscomedyproductions.com or David Walbridge at david@bigfunshow and let one of us know why you deserve one.

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