Big Fun Radio Funtime!

I had this crazy idea.

Fortunately, fearless is a good company for crazy ideas because when someone has one, everyone else tells them to give it a try.

I wanted to try to produce a radio show. I’m not the first person to produce a radio show so I understand that so far, the idea doesn’t sound all that crazy.

When I decided to produce the show, I’d written a total of one radio script and for whatever reason, I loved doing it so much that I wanted to do more. A lot more.

I made an assumption that if I wanted to do more, others would want to do more as well. That was crazy.

Or maybe it wasn’t. Once I started producing Big Fun Radio Funtime, I found that I had no shortage of people who were exited by the idea. I’ve had people like Levi Weinhagen, David Walbridge and Shanan Custer contribute scripts for the show. I’ve been fortunate to have Geoffrey Brown work with me to write music. Salsa Sterling was willing to learn how to become a Sound Effects Technician. And I’ve had great voice actors like Windy Bowlsby, Dawn Krosnowski and Don Cosgrove excited about performing the scripts.

I’ve also had Jerry Stearns work with me to do some post production work on the shows.

In fact, recently I got most of these people into a room to record studio versions of two scripts. The first, by me, is “What’s that Alien Doing in your Shorts?” Inspired by the 75th anniversary of Orson Wells’ “War of the Worlds” broadcast, it asks the comedic question “what if the aliens invaded and nobody cared?”

The second, written by Levi Weinhagen, is “We’re all Gonna Die!” To describe it would be to deny you the pleasure of listening yourself.

Both of these studio versions are available on our website for free download. Or, if you are so inclined, you can pay something for the experience. Proceeds will go to the authors of the work as well as Fearless Comedy Productions.

If you’d like to hear our first two live shows, those are available as well. Those downloads include the full show including all four scripts, commercials and music by The Citizens’ Band (me and Geoffrey Brown).

But what I’d really love you to do is to come and watch us perform the show live. That is happening this 10pm, Friday (the 14th) at the Bryant Lake Bowl. We’ll have scripts by me, Shanan Custer, Kelvin Hatle and Josh Nite. Our voice actors will be Geoffrey Brown, Dawn Krosnowski, Windy Bowlsby, Christopher Jones, Gordon Smuder, me and Lolly Foy. Salsa Sterling will once again provide sound effects and Geoffrey and I will provide music as The Citizens’ Band.

Tickets are only $6 ahead of time and $8 at-the-door. You can also get the $6 at-the-door price if you bring a Fringe button.

Tickets are cheap because we want you at the show. A live audience is key to a successful show.

I had this crazy idea.

Won’t you be a part of it?

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  1. I am very happy that the last 2 shows have been available for purchase. I have downloaded both as soon as they were posted, and loved every minute of them. I wish I was closer so I could attend these events live, however, knowing I can download them makes it ok.

    Looking forward to Show #3, and hopefully 4,5,6, and more!

    – Shawn Pitre
    Hailing from the Fairly Decent Off-Grey North(but really more east than north)

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