Double Blind Improv

I’ve been writing about Die Laughing for so long, I guess I don’t know what to write about any more!

We raised a lot of money last weekend.  We also debuted a new show.  A show that is going to be performed monthly at Honey.  Maybe I should tell you about that!
Double Blind Improv will Debut on Wednesday, May 21st.  It was conceived by company member Eric Thompson and it is all about keeping the improv performers in the dark.
Patrick Bauer is the host of this show and it works like this: several improv comedians are invited to take part in each show.  They will be asked to participate in several improv games but they won’t know which games will be part of the show.
Not only that, they don’t know who will be playing which game until their names are drawn at random.  So they don’t know what they are going to do and they don’t know who is going to do it.
Obviously, this show will feature a large number of fearless cast members but we hope to draw improv comedians from the community at large to join us simply because it will be a lot of fun.
As with Fearless Lab, the show will be pay what you can so don’t let ticket prices stand in the way of enjoying the show.
We are pleased to have Double Blind Improv join Young and Fearless, Big Fun Radio Funtime and Fearless Lab as a member of our Fearless family.  We hope to see you next Month!

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