Masquerade at Bernard’s – An Invitation from the Director


An Invitation to you from director and co-writer, Duck Washington, to come see Fearless Comedy’s latest production “Masquerade at Bernard’s: The Shakespearean Weekend at Bernie’s

When I was in high school one of my teachers tried to get us excited about Shakespeare by telling us that if Shakespeare was living today he would probably be writing the kinds of action movies that Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger typically starred in. (High school was more than a few years ago) I kind of liked the idea of imagining what the bard might do if he were still writing today, how would he fit into the Hollywood system? Was my teacher right or would his works reflect the scripts of Quentin Tarantino or be more like the works of Aaron Sorkin?

A few years ago a new fun trend started in the Minneapolis theater scene where people started to adapt modern works into a Shakespearean style. Local productions of Bard Fiction (Pulp Fiction), Corleone (The Godfather), and Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead started to explore the areas of where William Shakespeare and modern storytelling might cross and I was immediately fascinated. I did find there to be a little bit of a whole though, while the source material reflected in a lot of Shakespeare’s more dark sensibilities I started to wonder about his comedies. Shakespeare plays like Comedy of Errors, Twelfth Night, and Love’s Labour’s Lost are some of my favorites and I started to wonder what a modern Shakespearean farce would look like. What modern work would be right to showcase that style? A few days later I stumbled across an airing of Weekend at Bernie’s on cable and felt like it checked off a lot of the requisite boxes. Fools, love, miss delivered messages, disguises, and the world’s most gigantic misunderstanding. This underrated 80’s comedy seemed ideal for this kind of adaptation. I then reached out to the ever talented Brian Watson-Jones, who has been a writer on many such adaptations with Tedious Brief, (Tempests, Bard Fiction, and Mead Hall) and asked him to go on this little adventure with me.

After a few viewings of the film, us passing the script back and forth and the putting together of an amazing cast and creative team I think we have put together a very unique show for everyone to enjoy whether they are familiar with the original film or not. I truly hope you will come out and join us!

Derek “Duck” Washington

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