Single White Fringe Geek gives 4 stars to Masquerade at Bernard’s, “Highly Recommended”


“…would Shakespeare have appreciated the slapstick inherent in a couple of guys pretending their dead boss is still alive and hosting a big party at his beach house? Absolutely.”

Blogger and patron of the arts, Single White Fringe Geek, has reviewed Fearless’ Shakespearean redux of Weekend at Bernie’s:

“Masquerade At Bernard’s is a clever premise, executed with a lot of good-natured energy. Everyone at Fearless Comedy wants you to have a good time. And they succeed. Shut off your higher brain functions and just revel in the silliness. (through October 30, 2016 at Phoenix Theater)

4 Stars – Highly Recommended”

The review prefaces this with many other compliments within an in-depth critique.  Read the full text by clicking the link below:

Saturday, October 22, 2016 Review – Masquerade At Bernard’s – Fearless Comedy – 4 stars

Or get tickets to the show, while you still can:

Masquerade at Bernard’s, the Phoenix Theater

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