More Praise for “Masquerade”


Fearless revently received a glowing review, which begins:

I tend to not be one to write reviews unless something is so horrible that I want to warn people or it is so amazing that I want to yell from the rooftop about it. Masquerade at Bernard’s falls solidly into the second category. 

Jessica goes on to say:

Upon entering the space, you are greeted to the sounds of classic 80’s hits but played on more Renaissance type instruments. From there, it is easy to believe that Elizabethan 80s fashion has always been in existence. From bright blue eye shadow on the women to the Hawaiian shirt jerkin, this show is comfortable in both eras.

It’s more than just the visuals that make this production so amazing. Brian Watson-Jones and Duck Washington miraculously take a mediocre and implausible script and turn it into a delightful piece of theatre. The language is beautiful. Jokes that were groaners from the movie have been turned into delightful chuckles in the more formal language of the setting. 

The cast is fantastic and bring this wacky world to life with fantastic timing and chemistry. Most of the cast plays multiple characters and thanks to simple costuming (and hair style) choices, it’s easy to follow the action. Phil Henry probably has the hardest role of all, having to play a corpse for most of the play.

It is worth seeing even if you’ve never seen the original movie. Be prepared to laugh until it hurts.

Jessica Solinsky

Get tickets to the show, while you still can:

Masquerade at Bernard’s, the Phoenix Theater

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