Upcoming: Anxiety! The Musical

Minneapolis/St. Paul Fearless Comedy Productions is proud to present Anxiety! The Musical, an original work conceptualized by Becci Schmidt, and written by Bob Alberti, Jason Kruger, Cara White, and John Youker, performed at the Historic Mounds Theatre in St. Paul. This original work is set to an upbeat score that pairs surprisingly well with the heavier subject matter, literally turning a woman’s struggle with crippling anxiety into a song and dance, featuring hilarious numbers “No One’s Gonna Notice When You Die” and “Everything You Did Today Was Wrong”. Musical score was arranged by Joseph Yé and choreography was coordinated by Erin Sheppard. Anxiety! The Musical plays May 12, 18, 19, and 20, and June 2 and 3. Tickets are $17 ($15 with a Fringe Button, CONvergence Badge Fearless Badge Backer or GPS Registered Geek Card, $10 in advance online at tinyurl.com/fcpanxiety).

Becci Schmidt started considering a creative expression of mental illness as a conversation with her younger self regarding the dramatic impact of other people’s opinions on her mental health in general. As Becci got older, she learned that her stress was rooted in anxiety. She was struck by the idea at the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival to put these feelings to music to show an audience what anxiety looks and feels like. She reflects that knowing why a person with anxiety feels the way they do, that knowledge does little to ease the feelings of stress and worry.

Becci Schmidt (Producer) is an actor, improviser, and comedian. She is a member of Fearless Comedy Productions. Becci has also performed at MN Fringe Festival, Austin Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival, and Vancouver International Improv Festival. She can regularly be seen in Vilification Tennis at the Bryant Lake Bowl theater.

Susanne Becker (Director) has been an active member of the twin cities acting scene since 8 years of age, having been seen most recently working with the MN Fringe Festival, MN Renaissance Festival, singing with local comedy Improv band The Dregs and performing around the Twin Cities with Fearless Comedy Productions. Susanne is also active behind the scenes working as a stage manager and sharing the airwaves doing voiceover work. She would like to share how thrilled she is that she got to work with the incredibly professional and talented group of actors in this show, and hopes you enjoy watching this as much as she enjoyed directing it! She is a proud member of Fearless Comedy Productions!

Boo Segersin (“Anxiety”) is freelance actor, singer, and “actor that can move” who has been performing in and around the Twin Cities since the age of 6. She is a company member of Silver Slipper Productions and has worked with Impossible Salt, Really Spicy Opera, Swandive Theatre, SteppingStone Theatre, Eix Elements Theatre, Ghoulish Delights, Sod House Theater, Cross Community Players, Lyric Arts, Children’s Theatre Company, History Theatre and the Minnesota Opera. She is also a teaching artist with Stages Theatre Company and performs at birthday parties as a certain princess. Boo graduated Summa Cum Laude from Augsburg College with a B.A in Theater Arts: Performance and Directing/Dramaturgy/Playwriting with a minor in Musical Theater (and Norwegian). She also brings treats from her day job as a baker to rehearsals! Fun fact: Boo also suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Fearless Comedy Productions
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