A Fearless Fringe

The 2017 Minnesota Fringe Festival is a twelve day feast of theater.  Over one hundred plays will be presented during the festival and Fearless has been proud to participate both as a sponsor of other artist’s work as well as a producer of our own.  This year, Fearless members are represented throughout the Fringe.  Here, in alphabetical order, are plays featuring the work of Fearless Comedy members!

Absurd Advice

Featuring Fearless Company Member Kelvin Hatle

As a young woman waits to hear if she got into her first choice of college, her dad gives her a lot of awful advice.

Blackout Improv

Featuring Fearless Company Member Duck Washington

Members of this all person of color improv team take on the Minnesota Fringe in a way that only they can, with humor, swag, and a focus on social issues. Each performance will feature an amazing special guest!

Death in Yosemite

Written by Fearless Company Member Tim Wick

Featuring Fearless Company Members Jason Kruger, Dawn Krosnowski, and Windy Bowlsby.

Every year, a few dozen people die while visiting Yosemite National Park. This is a story about some of them. It’s a lot like Our Town crossed with a Serial Killer movie.

Facebook Lite

Co-Written by Fearless Company Member Nancee Magistad

Directed by Fearless Company Member Becci Schmidt

Featuring Fearless Company Members Aiden Milligan and Jessi Goins

Facebook Lite (FBL) is delivered from the perspective of new employee orientation. During the show, you’ll be trainees in FBL’s rapidly-expanding call center and witness the quality monitoring process in action. Ever wonder how something simple like a recipe could be flagged as controversial? Come see for yourself, at Facebook Lite.

Katie Versus the Devils

Featuring Fearless Company Member Tim Wick

Untold stories of Katharina Von Bora, the wife of Martin Luther. Thrill as she and a friend battle assassins, magicians, and the Devil himself! The 16th century like you’ve never seen it before.


Featuring Fearless Company Member Jena Young

A young boy slaughters a pair of copulating snakes, and is cursed to spend his life as a double-gendered voyeur — a prophet, both male and female, whose visions of the future are ridiculed by their subjects.

The Summoning

Written by Fearless Company Member Megan Slawson

Directed by Fearless Company Member Eric Thompson

Featuring Fearless Company Members Michael Bloom, Angela Fox, and Lauren Haven

A stolen Ouija Board, a ritual ripped out of a grocery store tabloid, and three bickering childhood friends, what could possibly go wrong? Pretty much everything.

The Tragedy of Obi-Wan Kenobi

Fight Choreography by Fearless Company Member Jena Young

Featuring Fearless Comedy Members Nathan Gerber and Matthew Kessen

What if Obi-Wan Kenobi was actually the villain? Tragedy and comedy collide in an epic tale about how we lie to ourselves, to justify doing things we know are evil. Laugh. Cry. Bring balance to the Force.

The Well

Co-Directed by Fearless Company Member Matt Allex

Stage Managed by Fearless Company Member Andrea Ropella

Featuring Fearless Company Members Dan Patton and Lana Rosario 

Lost and separated from the rest of their raiding party, four souls take refuge for the night near the ruins of a crumbling well. Unfortunately, they appear to have found an even more dangerous foe.

Waiting for Gygax

Co-Written and Directed by Fearless Company Member Kyle Dekker

Vladimir and Estragon were villains on top of the world. They’ve since fallen on harder times. They’ve taken up residence in an ancient and mysterious dungeon in hopes of meeting the great hero Gygax.

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