Fearless Perspectives: Duck Washington

Duck Washington, a playwright and performer, shares his perspective on how his membership in Fearless Comedy Productions has brought positivity into his life. Fearless’ mission from the beginning has been to give a platform for local performers to share their experiences and beliefs with the community around them.


“When I was first asked to join Fearless Comedy Productions in the spring of 2014, I had no idea what a positive impact it would have on me as a performer. Fearless has always embraced me with open arms. It has provided me with countless opportunities. It has provided me with a voice. In 2015, Fearless produced a play I wrote called Caucasion Aggressive Pandas, and Other Mulatto Tales, a show inspired by my experiences growing up as a biracial individual. It is a tale of race, of humor, frustration, and unity. It is the most personal and important piece of theatrical work I’ve ever created, and I am forever grateful to Fearless for their willingness to stand behind me, and for giving me an avenue to speak from my heart. When others have decided that my work was too taboo, or tried to shutter my voice, Fearless’s continued support has given me reassurance that my story and my voice have value. There’s no way I’d be the performer that I am today without Fearless Comedy Productions.”

As a non-profit theater company, we couldn’t do what we do without help from you. Read the transcript above, and make sure to watch the video! You can learn about more stories like Duck’s by checking back to our website, and please keep us in mind during your Give to the Max Day donation planning.

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