Starting Tonight: Twin Cities Horror Festival!

We don’t produce a lot of horror here at FCP, but we can’t help but get in the mood for some spookiness at this time of year. Company members are involved with three different shows at the Twin Cities Horror Fest, which kicks off tonight and runs through November 5th.

One of our newest members, the Rev. Matthew Kessen, is presenting three unique shows on classic horror monsters in his “Rev. Matt’s Monster Science” series, dubbed Rev. Matt’s Monster Science: the Unholy Trinity. “Informational talks – slash – comedy routines about the monsters we create and the fears they embody; plus, Powerpoint! A different talk each show!” This is a great show that you won’t want to miss, and we can promise that it’ll be educational AND entertaining. Plus, all three shows are different!

Next up, Duck Washington (Caucasian Aggressive Pandas and Other Mulatto Tales) has written and directed Intuition and the Mantis. “Dark forces observe as an unconventional scientist tries to deduce whether she is being influenced by events in her future or if she is able to manipulate the events in her past.” In the lineup of this show, you can catch Matt Allex, Amanda Jaeger, David Tyler Rand-McKay, Cara White, and John Gary Youker lurking onstage.

Finally, Horror Show Hotdog is bringing their short film festival back to the stage for 2017! “We watched hundreds of horror shorts to find the ones that pack more punch into five minutes than most movies do in an hour and a half. We’ll present a wide variety of hand-picked films that will make you laugh, shiver, and even glance over your shoulder on the way to your car.” Matt Allex and Megan Slawson have certainly put together a fantastic lineup for this year’s fest.

Here’s the complete schedule of Fearless-adjacent shows, compiled for your convenience:

Thursday 10/26(today)
Intuition and the Mantis 11:30pm

Friday 10/27
Intuition and the Mantis 8:30pm
Horror Show Hot Dog 10:00pm

Saturday 10/28
Horror Show Hot Dog 1:00pm

Sunday 10/29
Rev Matt’s Monster Science 4:00pm
Intuition and the Mantis 10:00pm

Monday 10/30
Horror Show Hot Dog 7:00pm

Wednesday 11/1
Intuition and the Mantis 10:00pm

Thursday 11/2
Rev Matt’s Monster Science 10:00pm
Horror Show Hot Dog 11:30pm

And finish strong on the last Saturday of the festival by catching all three shows!
Saturday 11/4
Intuition and the Mantis 4:00pm
Rev Matt’s Monster Science 7:00pm
Horror Show Hot Dog 8:30pm

For tickets and more information, visit the Twin Cities Horror Fest online at:

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