Fearless Perspectives: Becci Schmidt

Becci Schmidt

We asked Becci Schmidt what Fearless Comedy Productions means to her for our latest Fearless Perspectives. Becci conceptualized and produced Anxiety! The Musical last spring, which was a runaway hit. Here’s what Becci has to say about the process:

“Throughout my life, I have been the type of person who needs to find the funny in any situation. I have always used comedy as a defense mechanism, an outlet, and a relief from the darker moments. The idea for Anxiety! The Musical was my way of coping with one of the toughest battles of my life.

Like many of my creative peers, I struggle with anxiety and depression. For many years I’ve been dreaming about a way to tell my story in an honest, but funny manner. With the help of Fearless Comedy Productions and its members that dream came true for me.

The reaction to Anxiety! The Musical made me incredibly proud. Audience members sharing the moments they connected with most, using scenes to finally be able to show someone they love how anxiety affects them, changing the way someone looks at people who suffer from anxiety. Fearless Comedy Productions helped me create a show that did all of this and made people laugh. There is nothing more fearless than finding the funny in the dark corners of life.”

Through your donations to our fundraising ventures each year, we are able to put on productions like these. We firmly believe that we are making the Twin Cities theatre community a better place through our collaborations with members like Becci. We hope you will consider joining us for our Give to the Max Day fundraiser, either by attending the show on November 16th or making a donation through the following link: https://givemn.org/organization/fearless-comedy-productions-20150827050520

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