Fearless Perspectives: Tim Wick

Tim Wick

Tim Wick is the Artistic Director and a founding member of Fearless Comedy Productions, which means he’s been with us for a long time now. We asked Tim to tell us about how Fearless has impacted his life, and to talk a bit more about a frequent project of his, our “Mystery Lodge” series of shows, which are relatively new to the Fearless lineup. Check out what Tim has to say about the project below:


“Comedy can speak truth to power. Laughter can unite us. Theater is always a risk.

Fearless has always been about taking chances and trying new things. It is a company where we encourage every member to try something new, something that pushes them out of their comfort zone.

When we were approached to produce a series of mysteries two years ago, we had never created such a show or even considered creating such a show. But this is Fearless and the response to any challenge is to give it a try.

This summer, we were asked to produce a murder mystery for a boat tour on the Mississippi. It was a show that required eight actors performing scenes (sometimes simultaneously) in five different performance areas. The challenge was unique but Fearless doesn’t back away from challenges, we embrace them.

It is what brings us together as a company. We are all willing to face new challenges without fear and find ways to make the craziest of ideas work. A murder mystery on a boat? Sure! A musical about Anxiety disorder? Sure! A fifty hour comedy marathon? Sure!

Fearless is constantly taking chances because comedy should never be scary. Comedy should be Fearless.”

You can see the latest addition to the Mystery Lodge series at our Give to the Max Day event, “Fearless Marvels: A Give to the Max Day Revue,” which is a vaudeville-style interactive mystery show where your goal is to sniff out the spy! And of course, proceeds from ticket sales benefit our donation campaign. We hope to see you there on November 16th at 7:00PM.

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