Fearless Perspectives: Katie Nyberg

Katie Nyberg, the executive director of the Mississippi Parks Connection, is a client who commissioned Murder on the Mississippi, a show in our Mystery Lodge series, which took place over the summer on the Paddleford river boat. We asked Ms. Nyberg about her experience in working with Fearless Comedy Productions, and here’s what she had to say. Check out the video below!


Fearless Comedy Productions: What did you think of Murder on the Mississippi?
Katie Nyberg: It completely exceeded my expectations. I had read a bit of the script that we had commissioned from Fearless, but I was completely floored by the performances and the audience participation, it was just even so much better than I thought it was going to be.

FCP: How did Fearless impact park visitors?
KN: […] We were introduced to Fearless by one of our colleagues, and I think that having this production on the river in the National Park just brought a whole new kind of fun and experience to people all over the Twin Cities, and most of the people who came to Murder on the Mississippi had never done a program with us before, so it was a terrific way for us to reach new audiences.

FCP: What was it like to work with Fearless?
KN: The easiest thing ever! Easy as pie. We got to work with Fearless from the beginning, so when we were first concepting what a show might look like, all the way up to the performances. So it was extremely professional, everything from the content development, artistic direction, Fearless always made all of their deadlines, and their business side was super easy to work with too.


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