One Fifth of ‘The Shining’

(from Artistic Director, Tim Wick)

At the moment, I’m deep in the work of rehearsing our next Fearless Comedy production.

On May 5th, Fearless will be presenting one fifth of the annual Five Fifths fundraiser of the Minnesota Fringe Festival.  It is one of their major yearly fundraisers in which five companies each produce one fifth of a well known film.
The Shining_postcard_front
This year, the film is Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” and I was fortunate enough to be asked to write the first fifth of the show.
I enjoy playing with popular culture in my writing.  I’ve also been doing a lot more music writing in the last several years.  So the obvious answer?  Make the thing a musical!
My friend Chad Dutton has worked with me on the music and I’ve also enlisted some help from the Ridiculous Puppet Company.  I’ve put together a talented cast including Dawn Krosnowski, Kelvin Hatle, Eric Knight, Susanne Becker and David Young.
And Fearless Company members Molly and Nick Glover are helping me with a very special prop.
Tickets for the show are a bit expensive because this is a fundraiser.  I owe a lot to the Fringe Festival for getting me back into theatre so I’m happy to promote the show.  The other companies producing for this show are all amazing talents.
If you can afford to go, I encourage you because I’m very proud of what we’ve written and I’m very proud to support the Minnesota Fringe Festival.
Come watch if you can!