Fearless Enthusiasts!

Instead of focusing on one thing this week, I’m going to focus on ALL THE THINGS! If you want to get involved with Fearless, there are so many ways and I’m going to tell you about them all! Die Laughing Web Page Our big event is coming together so well, we actually have a dedicated web page (www.dielaughingmarathon.com)!  You will find announcements and bios about the acts who will be appearing, a full updated schedule for…

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Why Die Laughing?

I’ve been talking about Die Laughing a lot because I think that it is going to be a great weekend of comedy. We are hoping to have a lot of fun and raise a lot of money for Fearless. 

It can be fairly asked, though, what are we raising money for? We have a lot of goals for the next year but the most important one is to produce a season of original comic plays.…

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MN Fringe Festival 2014

One of the main initiatives that was very important to us when we formed Fearless was our Fringe sponsorship program. We wanted to encourage new comedy artists to find their voice at our favorite theatre festival the Minnesota Fringe Festival Last year, Jakey Emmert was able to produce “They Shoot 25 Year Old Gay Men, Don’t They” with the help of Fearless. In addition to paying his producer fee, we helped him with his promotional materials…

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