Praise for “Anxiety! The Musical”

Fearless Comedy Productions’ latest original show, “Anxiety! The Musical”, has been reviewed by Twin Cities Geek.

Matty Ruth had praise for the cast, the musical numbers, and the balance of humor and subject matter. Ruth met with producer Becci Schmidt for a one-on-one before the show and included insights about their own struggles with anxiety along the way.

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Fearless Announces New Monthly Show

Fearless Comedy Productions is proud to present a new long form improv show, “r/WhatTheImprov”. A cast of improvisers work together to present scenes based on a random prompt. That prompt will come from a randomly selected page and comment on reddit.

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What gives you Anxiety?

Being new to the theater community and diving into a position as Marketing Director for Fearless Comedy Productions has been one of the more, well… fearless things I have done. I’ve been interested in marketing since I was in college, but kind of in the way that the offices always looked fun and I pretended it would be Facebooking all day as my job. And like, drinking at work somehow? (I’ve since learned that those…

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