More Praise for “Masquerade”

  Fearless revently received a glowing review, which begins: I tend to not be one to write reviews unless something is so horrible that I want to warn people or it is so amazing that I want to yell from the rooftop about it. Masquerade at Bernard’s falls solidly into the second category. 

Masquerade at Bernard’s – An Invitation from the Director

An Invitation to you from director and co-writer, Duck Washington, to come see Fearless Comedy’s latest production “Masquerade at Bernard’s: The Shakespearean Weekend at Bernie’s When I was in high school one of my teachers tried to get us excited about Shakespeare by telling us that if Shakespeare was living today he would probably be writing the kinds of action movies that Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger typically starred in. (High school was more than …

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Fearless 2016 Season

The first 30 minutes of Die Laughing this year was devoted to the announcement of Fearless’ upcoming season.  We have a slate of original shows and sponsored performances that have us looking forward to a great year.  In case you missed the announcement, here’s what’s coming up!   Build your Own Inferno   Co-written by Matt Allex and Megan Slawson Directed by Matt Allex Presented at the Historic Mounds Theater on May 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st, …

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