CONvergence Retrospective by Kyle

Last week was the fifth time I traveled to the Doubletree in Bloomington, Minnesota for CONvergence. I consider CONvergence to be a “Choose your our Geekventure” convention, because the experience you have is fully dependent on how you want to experience your con. My first year it was a bit overwhelming with so many options. Now, after a half-decade, I’ve narrowed it down a bit to maximize my fun.

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A First Fearless CONvergence

I’d never been to CONvergence before.

Other cons, sure, but nothing quite like this one. I was used to various cosplay, panels, gaming… But this convention was like all of those things had gone super saiyan and then ALSO added comedy, shows, amazing guests, a ton more people, music, art, a movie theater, a whole other hotel full of things, AND party rooms that transformed into various movies and games. Seriously, I went into a Fallout vault, a pirate ship, a scene from Harry Potter, and a fancy tea room. And they all had booze. Not to mention the Fearless party room, which had a green screen to literally put you into any geeky scene of your wildest imagination.

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