What is Vaudeville, Anyway?

Photo by Amore Fotography

We are so excited for our upcoming fundraising event, Fearless Marvels: A Give to the Max Day Revue. Our writers and performers are hard at work putting together a show that is unlike anything we have ever done before. We are combining comedy with mystery with motifs of the early 20th century with sideshow acts into a four-hour variety show. But you might be asking yourself, what is vaudeville theater?

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Fearless Marvels: A Give to the Max Day Revue

Come one, come all, and step right up for Fearless Comedy Productions’ Give to the Max Day Revue! This Vaudeville-style show will feature exciting comedy and sideshow acts performed by the very best we have to offer, and audience members will gather clues to solve the evening’s mystery: who among our ranks is the spy?

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Fearless Perspectives: Duck Washington

Duck Washington, a playwright and performer, shares his perspective on how his membership in Fearless Comedy Productions has brought positivity into his life. Fearless’s mission from the beginning has been to give a platform for local performers to share their experiences and beliefs with the community around them.

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